March 6, 2020

The Basics of Link Building

In the early days of search engine marketing link building was always a hot topic, but somewhere along the line it kind of fell to the wayside. Not that link building is any less relevant today than it was in the early days of search engine marketing, but, it seems that it is just not talked about a lot.

The last few years the buzz in marketing circles has been built primarily around social media marketing, also a very worthy topic, but let us not forget how important link building is to the success of SEO.

For New Comers to SEO

If you are an SEO novice, you may not have gotten the memo on how important it is to “link” to other websites. If your marketing company is not talking about link building, it is time to get another full-service marketing agency on board.

Hyperlinks link pages together that allow search engines to crawl between the pages. Your own website pages are linked together. Other websites can link to your website. High-quality link building is a real art that requires a specialty skill set.

Why Is It So Important?

One of the main goals of an SEO campaign is to raise your website ranking in search engine returns. Link building helps search engines to decide how important your page is and where to rank it. Search engine crawlers are not just reading the content on your page to decide where to rank it, they are also checking to see if the content is authoritative enough to be cited by other sources.
They use an algorithm that considers how many links there are to your page. They are not only looking at the number of links pointing to your website but they are looking at the quality of the websites that are pointing to your website. The more external links there are from what search engines determine are high-quality pages the higher your ranking will be.
While linking is not the only factor, it can be a big factor on where search engines rank your page. Search engines like Google look at external links as a sort of vote of confidence that your website is legitimate.

The Landscape is Forever Changing

The link building environment is always changing which is why it is important that you have trusted digital marketing services on your side that keep up with the constant updates and changes. Choose the best SEO company Fort Worth has to offer to manage your SEO campaign and let them handle your link building needs.