Markley Cove Resort

Case Study

Project Intro / Problem

Markley Cove Resort knew social media and paid search was important to their business and were handling it on their own. The strategy was haphazard and inconsistent. Due to their lack of relevant experience, they were receiving minimal results.

Scope of Work

SEO, Paid Search, & Display Campaign Social Media Strategy + Management


Lead Production Growth


Leads per Month


Lead Conversion Rate

Solution / Our Solution Headline

We created a comprehensive digital marketing plan including paid search, display ads, social media mgmt, and content strategy to drive engagement and traffic to their site.

Organic & Paid Search Results:

Organic Profile Growth: +614% Backlink Growth: +498%
Organic Traffic Growth: +315% Paid Search Traffic Growth: +181%
Lead Production Growth: +408%

Organic & Paid Search Results:

Leads: 590
Organic Traffic: 1,316 Paid Traffic: 627
Lead Conversion Rate: 30.37%

Organic Social Media


Daily Average Impressions: +43.3k%
Engagement Rate: +725% Followers: +160k%


Daily Aveage Impressions: +3500%
Engagement Rate: +4136% Followers: 3900

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