July 15, 2015

12 Tips for a Successful Facebook Page

So you’ve decided to join the bandwagon and use Facebook for your company…smart move! With over 1.44 billion users, your company’s page will get the exposure you want and need…only if you use it correctly and make the necessary updates. You can’t just slap together a Facebook Page and expect it to start producing leads and customers right away. You have to generate the potential and get noticed. Here are some tips to help you do so.

12 Tips for a Successful Facebook Page

1) Don’t create a personal account for your company.

Don’t create a personal account for your company. That is against Facebook’s rules and it will hurt your potential. Make sure you setup your business page properly so that you can unlock the potential of the network.

2) Add an easily recognizable profile picture such as your logo.

The profile picture on your page should be easily recognizable. Most companies use some form of their logo so that way users know exactly who you are when they see the profile picture across the network  Make sure you follow the sizing guidelines that Facebook has in place.

3) Choose an relevant and engaging cover photo.

An engaging cover photo will help your page look good. You want the cover photo to be relevant to your company and the content that you are posting on the page. Make sure you stay within Facebook’s guidelines in terms of the content and size of the photo.

4) Add a call-to-action (CTA) button to your cover photo.

Back in December of 2014, Facebook added a feature that allows you to place a call to action (CTA) button to your cover photo in the bottom right corner. This button can be directly linked to your website, a landing page, contact form, etc. to generate direct leads. Add a CTA button to your cover page today to start driving direct leads from Facebook.

Another option is to integrate the design of your cover photo with the CTA button.  This will draw more attention to the button and ultimately generate more clicks.

5) Fill out your company’s basic information.

One of the most important aspects of your page is the information it contains about your company. Make sure you fill out every detail with up-to-date information so that users can find it and it searches properly within the network.

6) Post photos and videos.

Photos and videos are the most popular content on social media. Users would rather look at a picture or watch a video instead of reach content. By formatting your company’s message into photos and quick videos, your content will be engaged at a higher rate than standard text-based content. Engagement is the key to Facebook, so making sure your users are interested in your content is a huge part of the process.

7) Post other types of content too.

Your Facebook page should be filled with dynamic content. You want to make the page a news source for anything related to what your company does. This will keep your followers engaged and keep your follower base growing instead of shrinking due to boring, redundant content.

8) Post content at effective times.

Use the Facebook page insights to determine when followers are on your page. It’s more effective to post content during that timeframe so that your content is in front of them.

9) Highlight important posts.

Facebook allows your to “pin” important pieces of information to the top of your page. If you have a change in your operating hours, service offerings, or even products, make sure you “pin” it to the top for awhile so your followers see it right away.  However, we recommend not using this for lead generation material.

10) Customer service.

Respond to comments and messages!! This is very important for customer service. On social media, it’s acceptable to respond within 24 hours to all comments and messages. Remember comments are public!

11) Promote your page to generate more followers.

Use Facebook’s Advertising platform to generate more followers.

12) Measure the success of your Facebook efforts.

Remember to always watch the page insights. You can gain valuable insights on your followers by reviewing this information on a regular basis. This will help you optimize your Facebook page content so that your efforts of more efficient and productive.

Feeling lost? Give us a call and we can help you!