Tactical Fleet

Case Study

Automotive Marketing

Tactical Fleet, a distinguished dealership specializing in exotic and luxury automobiles, boasts multiple locations nationwide, each housing an inventory of the highest caliber. Operating under the umbrella of Sonic Automotive—a powerhouse in the automotive retailing sector with a sprawling portfolio of 150 dealerships across the nation—Tactical Fleet embarked on a journey to bolster its brand identity in the early months of 2020. To navigate this venture, they enlisted the expertise of the Think Cre8tive's team, a move that marked the inception of a fruitful partnership. Since that pivotal moment, Tactical Fleet has witnessed a remarkable brand evolution, courtesy of a meticulously crafted full-funnel marketing strategy that leveraged a spectrum of services. Our collaborative endeavor, characterized by a direct engagement with the dealership founders, not only significantly elevated the brand's stature but also propelled a substantial return on investment, painting a success story that underscores the transformative power of strategic marketing.

Scope of Work

Website Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization

Paid Ads Management (Google Ads & Programmatic)

Strategy & Consulting (Fractional CMO)


Average Leads Per Month


Organic Traffic Increase from 2020 to 2023

12 to 41,233 Users/mo


Quality Score Increase

1 to 32


Average Time on Site


Average Pages Per Session

How Do We Do It?

While we can't unveil all our trade secrets, we're excited to share a glimpse into the strategic campaigns that drive the success for Tactical Fleet marketing. Our journey commenced with the deployment of a full-funnel approach aimed at ushering new users to the Tactical Fleet website, and maintaining engagement through retargeting maneuvers until a desired action was initiated. The prospecting phase was fueled by meticulously crafted paid advertisements disseminated via Google Ads and programmatic channels, casting a wide net to capture potential interest. Parallelly, we embarked on a mission to bolster Tactical Fleet's organic profile, a strategic move designed to amplify organic traffic influx to the website—a type of traffic revered for its intrinsic value. As users navigated through the funnel, those meeting predefined criteria were enveloped in a retargeting ecosystem, where dynamic ads served across Google and programmatic channels nimbly nudged them towards taking action. Underpinning our strategy was a robust tracking framework, meticulously engineered to harvest invaluable insights on traffic behavior and interactions. This data reservoir became the linchpin for higher-value optimization, enabling a nuanced understanding of user pathways and facilitating informed decision-making to continually refine our marketing approach.

In January 2023, we unveiled the revamped version of Tactical Fleet’s website, marking a significant milestone in our collaborative journey. This new digital facade not only exuded a fresh aesthetic but also harbored a realm of optimization opportunities, which were promptly harnessed to propel a substantial 31.7% surge in organic traffic right after launch. The website became a crucible of heightened engagement, manifesting in superior lead conversion rates that significantly outstripped previous benchmarks. Visitors now lingered longer, enticed by the seamless user experience, as evidenced by the notable uptick in average time spent on the site and the increased pages per session. Beyond its captivating design, the website was engineered with a robust core, boasting a fully custom design intertwined with a bespoke inventory management system. This sophisticated backbone seamlessly interfaces with all third-party directory websites, ensuring a streamlined inventory display and management across the digital ecosystem. The culmination of these enhancements orchestrated a harmonious user journey, from the first click to the final conversion, encapsulating the essence of a well-oiled digital marketing machine.

Think Cre8tive earned the prestigious Netty Award for our exceptional design of Tactical Fleet’s website, demonstrating our expertise in integrating innovative design with advanced functionality. This project stands as a testament to our creative prowess and technical capability in the digital space.

As we look towards the future, the quest for high-value optimization opportunities remains a steadfast focus, fueled by the rich reservoir of data we meticulously collect and analyze. The narrative of Tactical Fleet’s brand evolution is one marked by a brisk pace of growth, a trajectory that continues to ascend with each passing milestone. This burgeoning brand stature is more than just a testament to our collaborative synergy; it’s a catalyst driving a robust amplification in brand recognition. The ripple effect of this brand proliferation reverberates through to the bottom line, manifesting in a substantial uptick in return on investment. The confluence of data-driven insights and burgeoning brand recognition paints a promising picture of sustained growth and heightened ROI, encapsulating the enduring essence Tactical Fleet marketing. Each stride on this journey not only inches Tactical Fleet closer to its envisioned pinnacle of market prominence but also fortifies the foundation for future marketing endeavors, poised to unlock new vistas of brand excellence.

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