Case Study

Lead Generation Marketing

We are excited to showcase our work with TreeNewal, an innovative home services company specializing in sustainable tree care and management. Prior to our collaboration, TreeNewal faced several critical challenges that hindered its growth and market presence. These included a notable lack of creativity in their marketing approaches, a concerning decrease in lead generation, and the instability brought on by a constantly revolving support team. These issues not only impacted their operational efficiency but also stifled their potential for expansion in a competitive market.

Our tailored approach focused on overhauling TreeNewal's marketing strategies from the ground up. We introduced a dynamic multi-platform lead generation strategy, designed to tap into a broader audience and re-energize their brand appeal. To address the issue of management inconsistency, we implemented a consistent management strategy, ensuring a stable and reliable support structure. Lastly, we revolutionized their customer engagement process with a full-funnel lead nurturing process, which significantly improved their customer relationship management and conversion rates.

Scope of Work

Search Engine Optimization

Paid Ads Management (Google Ads & Programmatic)

Media Production & Management

Strategy & Consulting (Fractional CMO)


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How Do We Do It?

Our strategic approach to elevating TreeNewal's marketing success and revenue goals commenced with an intensive overhaul of their Google Ads campaigns. Recognizing the untapped potential and inefficiencies in their existing setup, we embarked on a comprehensive rebuild, crafting new Google PPC campaigns from scratch. This clean slate approach allowed us to leverage every opportunity for improvement, setting the stage for more efficient, targeted advertising.

Next, we turned our attention to developing robust lead nurturing funnels. These funnels are not just a linear journey; they are an intricate web of touchpoints spanning various platforms. We integrated social media platforms, programmatic retargeting advertisements, and email marketing into a cohesive system. This multi-faceted approach has significantly boosted conversion rates, creating a seamless experience for potential customers at every stage of their decision-making process.

A crucial aspect of our strategy was the optimization of TreeNewal’s SEO efforts. We recognized that as a local service company, national keywords were bringing irrelevant traffic. Hence, we pivoted to focus on local keywords pertinent to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This shift in SEO strategy has been pivotal in driving valuable local traffic, ensuring that TreeNewal’s services are visible and dominant in all relevant search results within their target cities.

Much like our work with other clients, this multi-dimensional strategy for TreeNewal is underpinned by a robust tracking and analytics framework. This not only allows us to monitor the effectiveness of our campaigns in real-time but also provides deep insights into customer behavior and preferences. These insights are invaluable, enabling us to continuously refine and optimize our strategies, ensuring that TreeNewal remains at the forefront of its market, both in terms of visibility and revenue growth.

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