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A Fractional CMO is a part-time Chief Marketing Officer, providing strategic marketing leadership to your company. It's an affordable, effective way to harness high-level expertise, driving growth and innovation without the full-time executive expense.

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Our Founder and Managing Partner, Chris Wielinski, is an accomplished marketing leader and a proud graduate of Texas Christian University. In 2012, he founded Think Cre8tive, where he has lead the team as Managing Partner and Lead Strategist. Notably, he also successfully launched a media agency in 2014, which he managed up until his exit in 2022. Think Cre8tive’s excellence under Chris’s leadership has been recognized repeatedly, with the company earning the title of Best Advertising Agency in the DFW area for an impressive eight consecutive years.

Throughout his career, Chris has worked with hundreds of both B2C and B2B brands, showcasing his expertise across diverse industries including automotive, home services, legal, and e-commerce. This extensive experience is testament to Chris’s exceptional strategic insight, making him an invaluable asset to both small businesses and large corporations.

Fractional CMO Services


The Fractional CMO process begins with a comprehensive deep dive into your past, present, and future marketing initiatives. I don't just skim the surface; I meticulously investigate every detail to fully understand your business. We then carefully review your goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to fully understand those marketing initiatives.

To further understand your company, I study your company history, market position, culture, and how the market perceives you. By thoroughly analyzing the results from marketing initiatives and your company, I gain insight into what works and what doesn't. I'm not afraid to analyze the failures along with the successes; it is through this careful examination that we learn and improve, ultimately crafting a marketing strategy that will drive your business towards its goals.

This is ideal for companies that want to try Fractional CMO services and that need a comprehensive review of their efforts to determine if they're on the right track, but don't have the budget or need for a Retainer.


Our Strategize offering starts by learning from your past and present initiatives. We believe in harnessing the lessons from history to inform our future strategies. A crucial part of this strategy development involves defining your company's target market and identifying your ideal customers. This helps us tailor our approach to reach the people who matter most to your business.

Once we have a firm grasp on your audience, we establish clear goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These act as the guiding stars for our efforts, keeping us focused on what matters most. Moreover, we define the services required from your in-house team and/or contracted agency, setting individual goals and KPIs for each. This ensures that every part of your team is working towards the same objective and making a measurable contribution to your success.

As part of our service, we create campaigns for strategic promotions, making sure your products or services are presented in the most effective way to your audience. But our work doesn't stop there. We constantly analyze data, metrics, and results to identify successes and failures. This critical analysis enables us to make strategic changes to our efforts, ensuring your marketing is always at its most effective.

Ideal for companies that have gone through Discovery and are now looking for a plan to achieve their goals.


With a solid plan in place, it's now time to spring into action. Execution is the pivotal phase where the plan can either soar to success or flounder. It's not just about ticking boxes or going through the motions. Without careful management, ongoing analysis, and strategic optimization, the goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) laid out in the plan risk falling by the wayside.

That's where Chris comes in. Leveraging his years of experience overseeing and leading complex marketing campaigns and initiatives, he will steer the execution of your plan towards success. Whether your marketing efforts are undertaken by an in-house team or a contracted agency, Chris will seamlessly manage both, ensuring everything is executed meticulously to spec.

But execution doesn't stop at implementation. Constant analysis is integral to the process, making sure we're always in tune with the data and ready to make evidence-based decisions. By making data-driven observations and inferences, we can continually drive strategic changes to the plan, keeping your marketing efforts agile and primed for success.

Ideal for companies that do not have an in-house team member to manage execution of the plan.


The Retainer option merges all of our services into an ongoing, comprehensive engagement. At the beginning of this partnership, Chris will conduct a complete Discovery session. This thorough exploration is designed to fully comprehend your company's past, present, and future, setting the foundation for a productive collaboration.

Armed with the valuable insights from the Discovery session, Chris will craft the initial draft of the Strategy and Plan for your company. This document serves as a roadmap, guiding your marketing efforts for the upcoming 12 to 24 months. More than just a strategist, Chris is here to assist with the full execution of the services, projects, and tasks outlined in the Strategy and Plan.

Crucially, our engagement is not a static process. Chris will be continuously analyzing results, making strategic optimizations to the Strategy and Plan as necessary. This dynamic approach ensures that we are always innovating and adding new ideas to your marketing initiatives, ensuring your company's growth in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Ideal for established companies that don't have a CMO/VP of Marketing staff member, but need one. This is also ideal for startups looking for help establishing and defining the Marketing Department, but want to be budget aware during that startup phase.

Client Spotlight

E-Commerce Platform in the Last Mile Delivery Industry

Chris was hired by the Founder & CEO of a new venture - an e-commerce platform in the last mile delivery space. With years of e-commerce experience, Chris jumped right in. This engagement was a full Retainer model and included the following.

This engagement is still ongoing and confidential information has been redacted.

Key Metrics


Complete discovery on the business plan, company goals, competitors, and market position. Discovery is ongoing as the brand launches into the marketplace and will continue after each marketing campaign.

UI/UX Design & Development:

Act as Lead UI/UX Strategist for all screens of the website and portals using the data and information from Discovery. Also, act as Lead Project Manager for development of the website to coordinate a successful build.

Strategy & Plan:

Create a comprehensive Advertising and Marketing Strategy and Plan. This includes goals, KPIs to achieve the goals, services required, initial campaign ideas. Also, create detailed Advertising budgets and allocations.

Execution & ROI:

Lead the internal and external teams to execute all services in the Strategy & Plan. This will be a combination of Think Cre8tive and internal teams for maximum effectiveness. The services are a combination of Paid Ads management, SEO, Social Media, Public Relations, Marketing Department management, and C-Level Executive support.

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