April 30, 2018

3 Social Media Sites and How to Leverage Them for Marketing

social media marketingSocial media could have been dreamed up by marketers as the ultimate source of leads. Millions of consumers all centralize in one place to share things that relate to their lives. Not only does this give marketing firms a lot of data to better target their audience, it also gives them a place to advertise. With a number of excellent social media platforms to choose from, which should your company use, and how should you use them?

  1. LinkedIn
    Nearly all business to business marketers (94%) use LinkedIn as a component of their content strategy. A great strategy for marketing on LinkedIn involves providing valuable information in articles. This demonstrates intelligence and knowledge about your field to an action-oriented professional audience. Bonus points if you can keyword optimize your content according to search engine optimization best practices.
  2. Facebook
    When you think about leveraging social media, it pays to consider the typical successful post on that site. For Facebook, videos and viral content are the go-to power posts. Try to tailor your marketing strategy in a way that’s conducive to likes and shares in order to get your ads in front of as many people as possible.
  3. Twitter
    Twitter is a bit sassy. Pay attention to some of the more regularly retweeted posts. You might notice the ones going viral having a hint of sarcasm involved. This is easy to overdo, so be mindful of the line in the sand between playfully humorous and rude. Another twitter strategy for the long term is to use the platform for announcements and major company news. Just learn how to keep your character count below the limit. Twitter is about brevity and wit.

All of these social media marketing platforms are all but essential for growing your business. If you are in the process of choosing a digital marketing firm, make sure to ask about their various social media marketing strategies in more depth. Social media can be a marketers dream when used correctly, or a total nightmare if your company isn’t up to speed. If your goal is to leverage these sites for leads, do so prudently and with a deeper understanding of the popular media on the platform.