July 22, 2019

3 Tips For Higher Search Rankings

When you market on social media, the use of SEO is an integral part of the overall process for client response and growth. Social media sites, of course, promote one’s brand and are the platforms used most today. SEO (search engine optimization) marketing gets you noticed more quickly and listed more prominently in the ever competitive search engine rankings.

For the naysayers, consider this statistic. According to SalesForce Marketing Cloud, more than four-fifths of customers “like” or “love” when a business communicates with them via social media. Maybe you are not as SEO or social media savvy as you’d like. Don’t be discouraged. Below are important social media practices that will increase your SEO performance.

  1. Increase followers. Your search rankings are influenced, in part, by the number of social media followers you have. A company, partnership, corporation, or a mom-and-pop shop will have higher rankings with 10,000 Twitter followers, or “likes” on Facebook, than if they have 50.
    • If you are a vigilant social media user, consistent in your message and in your voice, and post helpful blogs and answer questions, you’ll grow your online presence. Direct customer engagement is a key that will gain you return customers, which will increase the likelihood of new customers.
  2. Connect with external links. Social media relies on external links, if you want to be seen as a significant online presence in Google’s or Bing’s eyes.
    • Hashtags will make gain traction with an audience and connect them with links that support or reflect your brand. This is the quickest and easiest way to connect via external links.
  3. Social media sharing. Social media sharing adds street credibility to your brand in a similar fashion as external links.
    • Encourage followers to share your content with others. It’s a numbers game. The more shares, the higher your visibility and ranking. It has a snowball effect.

These are 3 easy and effective social media tips that will increase your social media SEO. When your brand awareness increases, so do your search rankings. Keep it simple. Think followers, external links, and sharing to get your brand out to more users.

At the same time, the major search engines will rank you higher, which will give you a social media SEO advantage and even more followers and customers.