January 25, 2018

4 Pillars of Social Media Marketing

social mediaSocial media marketing is becoming bigger by the second. In fact, Animoto’s State of Social Video report in 2017 revealed that 64% of consumers stated they made a purchase as a result of watching a marketing video on Facebook within the last month. This just goes to show that social media networks like Facebook are becoming ever more relevant to the modern marketer. Here are some strategies that a great digital marketing company should use.

  1. Consistency
    One of the key precepts of social media marketing is having a consistent posting routine. People following your company on social media will come to expect a regular posting pattern. To keep their attention and to bring in other individuals who will follow in their footsteps, make sure to maintain consistent posting times.
  2. Diversity
    Having all of your eggs in the Twitter basket isn’t the best way to go about growing your social media presence. Make an account with a number of major social media platforms and spread your efforts out across each, to begin with.
  3. Optimization
    Making content for LinkedIn will be quite different than making content for Facebook. Tailor your ideas to the platform you’re using. Twitter will obviously include more short-form content with pictures. Facebook might be better served with videos. LinkedIn would consume more long-form articles.

    Part of optimizing your content is finding which platform is gaining traction. The more one social media platform gains, the more it should become your focus. This way you’ll be able to spend more time on the people who are responding most positively.

  4. Social Pay Per Click
    Unlike search engine marketing pay per click (PPC) advertising where a consumer entering a keyword triggers an ad showing up at the top of the results, social PPC advertisements are shown to consumers of a predetermined demographic. Social media companies gather data about their users, and this information is then used by advertisers to create targeted ads based on the demographics certain individuals fit into. This is how Facebook ads originate and how they tend to be so successful.

There are many social media marketing strategies. Some of the most important of which simply involve consistency and persistence. An online marketing strategy should be approached on all fronts. If you would like to kick-start your social media presence, give us a call.