May 24, 2018

6 Clutch Mobile Website Design Techniques Pros are Using in 2018

website design companyWeb design services are among the most important aspects of a successful digital marketing campaign. In this blossoming field, mobile website design is the most important niche. According to Statista, mobile internet penetration is poised to grow 62.3% globally in 2018. That means your company will need a website design company well versed in designing mobile-friendly pages. Here are some of the features a top-notch website design company will be able to provide.

  1. Automatic Formatting
    Everyone has a vaguely different smartphone these days. Whether your customer uses an iOs or Android device, and whether the screen is large or small, the website absolutely must fit the display perfectly. If it doesn’t, you run the risk of losing leads.
  2. Interactive Graphic Menu Functionality
    Your menu tab should be easy to find and even easier to use. A new industry standard logo is emerging to represent the site’s menu in an aesthetic way. Three parallel and horizontal lines are nearly universally recognized as the menu button. Of course, your business is free to use any type of decoration or flair that you want, just make sure people know where to find your drop-down menu. Just as importantly, make the menu as simple as possible.
  3. Two-Click Navigation
    Speaking of menus and navigation, here’s an excellent rule of thumb: users should be able to get to the page they are looking for in two clicks. If someone has to click more than two or three times to find the product or info they need, they’re going to end up clicking away.
  4. Accurate Touch Screen Inputs
    There’s nothing more frustrating than touching a link on your smartphone and having it not respond. If you have a link or a button on your web page, make sure it is responsive. This is true across all web design, but it is especially important for mobile users.
  5. Load Time
    Another thing that is universally important amongst all websites is that your landing page doesn’t take a long time to load. If it does, people will become impatient and ‘bounce’ elsewhere. If your site is bogged down with slow loading times, trim away excess graphics, animations, complicated menus, and other forms of digital distraction.
  6. Simplicity
    Simplicity is important when presenting anything. You want people to be able to use your site without any problems. Intuitive, simple navigation and clean design should be a top priority for mobile websites.

When hiring a website design company, ask to see some of the sites in their portfolio. This will give you a feel for what to expect when your site is completed. If they can check all of the boxes listed above, you are in good hands.