June 17, 2020

Are You So Focused On Marketing For Search Engines That You Miss an Important Mark?

In the early days of marketing for search engines, the goal was simple, get the attention of search engines anyway you could and not worry about whether what you were putting out made sense to your audience. Of course, that approach only solved one problem of how do you get people to your website? It did not solve the question of how do you get people to stick around and learn about your business?

Focusing on marketing for search engines is still very important, but today, it is not all you have to consider. You have to focus on marketing for search engines to get the traffic flowing, but you also have to be marketing with the reader in mind and what they are thinking about your content.

Algorithms Change and So Do Consumers Buying Habits

In the early days of internet marketing your audience was not as wide, it was not as savvy, and people were still pretty leery about shopping online. Today, the opposite is true, the potential audience is tremendous, consumers are very savvy, and just about everyone has bought something online in the last six months according to surveys.

What does it take to get the most out of digital marketing today? You start with a marketing company that has the expertise in the constantly changing algorithms that Google and others are using to deliver search results and that also understand consumer behavior and what it takes to engage your target audience.

Today you need a multi-layer approach for marketing services. Marketing for search engines is only part of the plan. Marketing through social media, providing content that establishes your business as trusted, expert, and an authority in your field, all come into play. Finding marketing firms near me that can deliver a complete marketing strategy that is driven by results is the way you gain traction.

A Complete Approach

Consumers and other businesses use the internet over 89% of the time to find businesses and services that can meet their demands. Your marketing has to answer a few questions to keep you ranking high for search results and keep the audience interested. Who is your business? What does your business have to offer? Why is your business better than your competitor? Where are you located? And, other questions.

Your consumer wants to be engaged. About 83% of consumers surveyed report that they “like” or “love” when a business responds to them via social media. If your campaign is focusing solely on marketing for search engines, and not engaging that audience, you are missing the mark.

Get complete marketing support today to make sure you are hitting all the marks.