July 2, 2018

Got a Mind for Marketing? Not Without These 3 Summer Social Media Techniques

seoEach season seems to bring new trends that leave your digital marketing company gasping for breath. The digital marketing world is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up with the times. If you have already mastered the world of SEO, here are some of the latest social media techniques you can use to market your brand this summer.

What do you meme?
The new generation is obsessed with memes, and summer is the perfect time to employ this lighthearted marketing asset. By blending your company’s ideas and events with memes everyone recognizes, you’re bound to reach a larger audience that wants to have fun in the summer sun.

Of course, memes are nothing new in the marketing world. However, two things¬†have¬†changed: Internet speeds are getting faster, and more and more consumers access the web through their smartphones. To speak directly to these users…

Seal it with a GIF
Millennials and Gen Z consumers use a lot of GIFs and emojis whenever they text or email. Even niche companies have adopted different ways to allow their users to express themselves through GIFs. Standing for “Graphic Interchange Format,” GIFs are basically looping videos, often without sound.

By speaking fluent GIF, you’re able to appeal to a larger, younger demographic. While including these on your webpage might not be the right move, utilizing them in your digital marketing on social media is a great way to trigger interest and get your post noticed. When nearly 72% of adults on the Internet use Facebook, this approach can reach a highly connected audience.

Local events and trends
Take pride in where you come from! When your consumers see you taking an interest in the wellbeing of the community, they’re bound to flock to your business. Summer is the perfect time to host outdoor events and take advantage of the festivals, parties, and holidays the season has to offer. Even though major trends come and go throughout the country, tapping into your community’s current events and trends will get the local public engaged. If your city or town hosts an annual festival, see if you can partner with any local businesses or host a booth.

Advertising your events on social media is key. Use link building and SEO content marketing to cover current events and drum up excitement for future ventures. As the even approaches, don’t hesitate to respond to consumers over social media — people love it when you answer their questions.

Follow these trends this summer to create an SEO marketing campaign that works for you. If you ever have trouble, contacting your local marketing agency can help put you on the right path.