September 10, 2018

How To Use SEO To Change Your Company’s Name

There are countless reasons a company may require a name change. Did your business change and grow into something new and the old name doesn’t apply anymore? Maybe the name is hard for your customers to remember.

Here are some important considerations if you want to update your business’ name.

Keep it relevant

Utilizing a strong keyword in your business’ new name is vital to your online marketing. Businesses with a strong keyword in their name rank an average of 1.5 times higher than those without keywords in the name.

For example, if you run a lawn care business, naming your company “Jack Attacks” has a nice ring to it, but it’s unlikely your potential customers will know what you sell, even if you’ve utilized the best web design services for your business. Instead, choosing a name like “Jack’s Lawn Care” will give your customers a better idea of what you do and you’ll rank higher on search results.

Make it unique

Be careful with your name, however; a keyword is great, but it’s going to have to compete with countless other businesses with similar names. Let’s look back at Jack’s Lawn Care. There are hundreds of other lawn care services that utilize that phrase in the title. While “Jack” does a good job differentiating your business from the white noise, the “lawn care” keyword is still likely to bring up thousands of other search results.

Highly searched phrases just don’t bring in the bacon like they used to. Fun homophones or spelling your business the way it sounds might be a fun option. For example, Reddit was derived from Read It. By changing the spelling, the company got name-brand recognition with minimal effort. For Jack’s Lawn Care, a marketing company might recommend something like Green Thumb Lawn Care or Unbeleafable Lawn Care.

Don’t change everything

You need to be aware that your company is still the same enterprise; as such, you need to inform your current clients of the change as you try to get new ones. For example, your business might want to update your email, but keep your number the same.

While updating your website with reliable web design services will help transform your image, you might want to include a note with your old name somewhere on your homepage. The first few months during your transition will be difficult, but keeping your customers informed should be your first priority.

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