September 1, 2016

Keller Selects Think Cre8tive

We are very excited that the City of Keller (Keller, Texas) has selected Think Cre8tive to redesign their Keep It In Keller ( website.

What is Keep It In Keller?

Keep It In Keller is a directory focused on highlighting the businesses located within the city of Keller. It is a great way for users to find local, reliable businesses in the area. From plumbers to digital marketing agencies such as ours, Keep It In Keller has it all.

City of Keller logo
We Keep It In Keller

Even though we work with clients across the globe and have resources across the country, our digital marketing agency is based in Keller and our Founder & CEO is a Keller resident. So we are very honored to work with the city to redesign the website.  The redesign will launch a new brand image for Keep It In Keller. It will update the colors, fonts, and other style elements to offer a more eye-catching experience. It will also boast an optimized user experience for users that are searching the database and also for businesses that have listings on the website.

Watch for the new website to launch within the next few months!

For more information

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