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Case Study

Law Firm Marketing

In this law firm marketing case study, we showcase our collaborative success with Cokinos | Young, a renowned law firm celebrated for its legal expertise and client-focused approach. Initially, Cokinos | Young grappled with substantial digital challenges. Their limited online presence was a significant obstacle, diminishing their visibility in the competitive legal market. This issue was compounded by their website's inability to effectively drive leads, a key shortfall in harnessing the power of online engagement for law firm marketing. Moreover, the firm was in dire need of additional support in managing and executing digital projects, an increasingly vital component in the realm of legal marketing services.

Tackling these challenges with a targeted strategy, Think Cre8tive introduced comprehensive legal marketing services tailored to Cokinos | Young's needs. Our multi-platform lead generation strategy was pivotal in extending the firm's reach to a broader, more relevant audience across diverse digital channels, a cornerstone in effective law firm marketing. We also implemented a consistent management strategy to enhance Cokinos | Young's digital operations, ensuring streamlined online activities and efficient project management. A critical aspect of our approach was developing a custom WordPress website for the firm, crafted to be both SEO-rich and user-friendly. This strategic move was instrumental in elevating their online visibility and lead generation capacity, a testament to the efficacy of our legal marketing services. This case study delves into the nuances of our tailored approach, underlining the significant transformation achieved in Cokinos | Young's digital presence and marketing effectiveness.

Scope of Work

Search Engine Optimization

Paid Ads Management (Google Ads & Programmatic)

Media Production & Management

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Website Design & Development

Strategy & Consulting (Fractional CMO)

2 to 30

Authority Score Improvement


Average Leads Per Month


Engagement Started


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How Do We Do It?

In our endeavor to elevate Cokinos | Young's position in the competitive legal landscape, we initiated a strategic law firm marketing campaign that has significantly boosted their market penetration and visibility. Our first step was launching a Google Ads (Google PPC) campaign, a first for the firm. The impact was immediate and profound, demonstrating the effectiveness of well-targeted digital advertising in lawyer marketing.

Parallel to this, we rolled out a meticulously crafted SEO strategy, tailored to the unique needs and strengths of Cokinos | Young. This proven approach has substantially grown their market presence, ensuring that they stand out in online searches related to legal services. The success of this strategy highlights the importance of SEO in law firm marketing, enabling Cokinos | Young to connect with a wider audience seeking legal expertise.

Moreover, we’ve enhanced the firm’s brand appeal through various creative projects, including video and photo content. These efforts have not only enriched their brand narrative but also deepened engagement with existing and potential clients. Such multimedia initiatives are crucial in modern lawyer marketing, providing dynamic ways to convey the firm’s values, expertise, and client success stories.

This integrated approach to law firm marketing, combining the power of Google PPC, strategic SEO, and compelling creative content, has been pivotal in Cokinos | Young’s successful market penetration. Our strategy, underpinned by continuous tracking and data analysis, allows for ongoing optimization and refinement, ensuring that Cokinos | Young remains at the forefront of legal services in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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