February 10, 2020

Traditional vs. Digital Marketing: 5 Things You Need To Know

43% of global marketers have embraced digital marketing. In fact, half the budget of roughly 50% of these marketers goes to digital marketing, according to a Global Digital Outlook study conducted from 2017-2018. For your business to stay ahead of competitors, digital marketing service is something you need to seriously consider. But what is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing

If you have always wondered, “What is digital marketing?” you should know that the term refers to the promotion of services and/or goods using the internet. We are now living in the digital age, in which people around the world spend a considerable amount of time using digital platforms. This has drawn the attention of savvy business people today who can’t help but leverage the popularity of these platforms. Marketing entails connecting with clients at the right time and right place. Now that there are many customers online, digital marketing services can be of great help to your business.

From service providers to app developers, digital marketing services come with tons of advantages. Now that you already know what is digital marketing, keep reading to learn about its benefits.

1. Wallet-Friendly

Advertising and marketing costs are among the biggest expenses that come with running a business. Sure, big corporates have no qualms with spending top-dollar for their advertisement and marketing needs. But when it comes to smaller businesses, this is usually an uphill task that can cause financial difficulties. Fortunately, marketing through social media, for example, can help scale down marketing expenses. This means that you will create the needed marketing impact at a fraction of the cost.

An email marketing service provider can help you send direct or transactional emails to hundreds of clients. Considering that this will only cost a few bucks, digital marketing helps save money that can address other expenses. Remember that reducing operating costs is a big plus in today’s harsh economy.

2. Great Return on Investment

When in business, nothing is more important than getting the best ROI (Return On Investment). This is what digital marketing does best, given that a small investment will come with a generous return. Social media and email marketing campaigns are affordable, but the same cannot be said about traditional marketing.

3. Simple To Measure

Truth be told, evaluating the efficacy of traditional marketing methods means waiting for weeks, if not months. However, you’re able to know how an ad is faring on at the click of a button with digital marketing. Email marketing, for instance, paints a clear picture of how many emails got delivered and read. With such data, you have all you need to know about conversion rates.

4. Easily Adjustable

Knowing how a digital ad is performing helps in figuring out the way forward. You’re likely to invest more in an ad that delivers excellent conversion rates. On the flip side, an advert with dismal performance can easily be adjusted or even stopped.

Things are more rigid with traditional marketing, where tons of paperwork have to be signed. What is more, the majority of the agreements are on a medium to long-term basis. Although a marketing campaign might be on a downward spiral, you’ll have to wait for the agreed-upon period to expire. Such a situation will mean that your hard-earned money will have gone down the drain.

5. Brand Development

Digital platforms have what it takes to build your company’s reputation and brand. Social media pages, blogs with quality articles and top-notch websites help develop brands. What is more, digital marketing comes with sharing features that make multiple followers learn about your brand. This multiplier effect means that even people who are far away learn about your products or services. Increased brand visibility, in the end, boils down to increased sales.

Summing Up

What is digital marketing, and does my business really need it? This is a question that crosses the minds of many business owners across the world. Now that you already know what digital marketing is, your answer should be an emphatic yes! Business competition in the 21st century is nothing short of cutthroat and giving your marketing campaign a boost is prudent. You can never go wrong with digital marketing — the above reasons are enough evidence.