November 27, 2018

What Is Link Building And How Can It Benefit Me?

Link building is another critical asset to improving your digital marketing strategy. It’s a component of SEO and one that cannot be overlooked when you want to improve your offsite SEO. Here’s how link building works and what it can do for your company.


What is link building?


In short, link building is when you acquire hyperlinks from other websites that aren’t your own. It helps to build your website’s popularity. They essentially create backlinks on a separate page that connect back to your site. In a search engine-dominated world, it’s this popularity that’s going to make or break your authority on the web.


Link building works because trusted sites usually partner with other trusted sites. The more sites you partner with, the more traction your website will achieve. And the better your links will look when they’re embedded in another website’s content.


What does it do for me?


Again, trusted sites work with other trusted sites. Not only does link building establish your site as a trustworthy location, but it spreads your site’s information to a broader audience. This helps garner your site worldwide popularity, giving you higher hits on a search engine.

How often should I be link building?


Link building should be an essential component of your site’s search engine optimization strategy. As such, you should be link building with trustworthy sites often. Fresh links give Google new information to crawl. As you produce more content in your niche area, you can eventually become a trusted source of information in your field through organic marketing.


But don’t just think you can partner with any old site. Shady blackhat SEO tactics are a no-no on Google’s watch. This could get your website flagged, banned, or even sued.


Link building is just one of many SEO tactics you should be using to enhance your website’s digital marketing campaign and social media marketing strategy. Keep in mind that it’s a variety of strategies that garner the best results on the internet. For example, businesses that post upwards of 16 blogs will receive almost 3.5 times more online traffic than companies that post less than four blogs in a month.


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