July 19, 2018

You Don’t Have to Propose to Engage Customers: Social Media Outreach 101

website designWhile having a great website design is key to creating an accessible platform for your customers, utilizing online marketing tools through social media is the best way to reach new clients across the globe. Here are the pillars of social media outreach and how social media use can benefit your business.

You get the customers engaged

Starting a Facebook page or a Twitter page for your business is key to making the consumer feel like they matter. And they do: without the customer, your business would assuredly flounder. It’s important to give back to those customers through social media engagement. According to studies by SalesForce Marketing Cloud, 83% of consumers like — or even love — when a business replies to their posts on social media.

Interacting with customers not only makes the consumer feel heard, it also projects a strong image to other clientele. If you get a good reputation for responding to your consumers through social media, you might even get a share or two when you solve a problem or offer helpful information. Take it from Wendy’s: their Twitter posts are shared across the globe.

Make sure your data is correct

There’s nothing worse than posting incorrect information on your social media. If your company is holding a promotion event, you want to triple-check those facts and ensure you’re not lying to the consumer. Try creating a fun event page. Including prizes or customer recognition is a great way to drum up excitement about your business.

Know when to post

Posting at 4 a.m. won’t be effective unless you’re trying to reach customers in Australia. Most businesses target local clientele, so analyzing high volumes of internet traffic on certain websites in your hometown will work in your favor.

Knowing your brand is another key facet of knowing when to post. Most food blogs will post on Fridays since people are looking for good eats over the weekend. For business news, posting on a Monday or Wednesday will work better than a Friday.

Understanding the ins and outs of social media marketing is an important factor in gaining higher volumes of internet traffic. If you want to improve your online presence, consider hiring a website design service that can help you form a social media marketing plan. Your followers will thank you.