May 3, 2019

Your Crucial Questions About Keywords, Answered

It’s common to see online articles talking about the death of keywords and how digital marketing is shifting away from the keyword-focused world of SEO. But keywords are still an important part of growing your company’s organic traffic.

Although SEO is slowly turning toward long-form keywords with the popularity of AI assistants, mastering keywords can still help your business’ content strategy if you use them correctly. That said, here are some of your most pressing questions about keywords and content strategy answered.

What are keywords in SEO?

SEO keywords don’t just refer to the words you type into a search engine. They also describe what a specific piece of content is about. Keywords are what allows search engines to rank your content properly and online users to find the answers to questions they have.

It’s important to remember that the power of the keyword isn’t in the word itself but in the context it’s used. This helps search engines deliver good content to online users and avoid keyword-stuffed nonsense.

What does keyword difficulty mean?

Keyword difficulty may sound like it refers to the complexity of the keyword used. But it actually refers to the keyword’s competitiveness. It’s also a measure of how challenging it is for a business to rank for that specific keyword.

Your domain authority and paid search volume factor both contribute to keyword difficulty. It’s easier to rank for a specific keyword if that keyword has a lower keyword difficulty. This is one of the reasons why it’s easier to rank for a keyword with a specific location (e.g. “cat food in Spokane”) than it is to rank for just the keyword (“cat food”).

How do I find the right keywords?

It can be a process to find the right keywords for your business. Start by clearly defining your target audience and then narrow your focus. Look into the competitiveness of specific keywords you would want to rank for.

From there, it’s all about collecting data, analyzing your results, and repeating as necessary. If you’re not competing as much as you’d like to for a specific keyword, consider switching marketing strategies or changing the keyword.

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