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7 Social Media Tips to Optimize Your Online Marketing Strategy

Social media use has skyrocketed over the last decade. Over 75% of American adults spend an average of five hours daily on social media platforms. Now more than ever, social media marketing needs to be an integral part of your business strategy. Research shows that over 40% of digital users use these online platforms to research new brands or products.

New and established brands are using social media to reach out to their target audience and generate leads. While it may sound like a massive undertaking, Think Creative compiled a list of seven social media tips and tricks to help create more sales.

1. Craft a Workable Social Media Strategy

Just like any marketing strategy, you need to create a specific and detailed social media marketing plan for every platform you use. Set goals and targets for each, with a deeper understanding of the tricks and best practices for consumer engagement. Streamline the content creation to fit your various business goals.

2. Create a Content Schedule

To keep your audience engaged, you may need to be consistent with your social media posts. As you craft your social media marketing strategy, determine how much you need to publish on your platforms. A social content calendar may help you plan and post the right content at the right time to the right audience.

3. Focus on Quality

The sheer numbers of content produced on social media pages are overwhelming. You need to craft creative posts that stand out from the rest. Select the key channels to actualize your strategy and fine-tune the content created. You need to offer value through your posts, setting up your brand as an authority within the industry.

4. Join Industry-Related Groups and Communities

Increase your engagement within the platforms by joining relevant online communities. The Social Media Marketing Industry Report shows that nearly 66% of marketers cite Facebook as their most important platform. The groups within Facebook allow you to interact with potential clients as well as build a relationship with other industry players. Combining this with other social media tips may help you gain new and free exposure, increasing brand loyalty.

5. Build a Relationship with Your Audience

Create time for engaging with your audience. It is extremely vital to respond to your followers’ comments and questions. Talking directly to your customers creates a humanly touch to your posts. Your audience doesn’t have to feel like they respond to a bot that only burps out links and images.

6. Find the Right Tools

Social media tools may help boost productivity by simplifying the posting and analytics stages in your strategy. Scheduling tools allow you to craft amazing content and share it at a precise time. Other tools that may help include content creation programs, graphics software and data analytics.

7. Invest in Social Media Analytics

You cannot complete the list of social media tips without mentioning data review and analytics. All platforms use different metrics that churn out data useful for making informed decisions about your business plans. Besides the analytics tools, you may also use the A/B strategy to determine the effectiveness of your social media marketing programs.

Social media is continually evolving, with more platforms emerging daily. Whether you are a large or small enterprise, the social media tips above can help you better connect with your potential customers, and build your brand reputation. For more information on online marketing tips, visit our website today.

Great Content Marketing Starts With a Great Content Marketing Strategy

The right digital marketing company will develop a custom marketing strategy before your campaign is launched. A lot of small business owners make the mistake of hiring a digital marketing company that has one size fits most approach to marketing.

A digital marketing agency that approaches marketing with a set strategy is missing the mark. Custom marketing strategies are built around your business and reach your target audience.

Why Is a Custom Strategy So Important?

Your business is unique, even if you sell similar products and services as other businesses, you still have some unique qualities and are trying to reach a specific target audience. That means that the marketing strategies that work for other businesses may not work for you.

A custom strategy can:

  • Produce results
  • Save time
  • Save on costs

Every business owner’s goal is to get results. A custom marketing strategy can help you to results and to do it faster. Wasting time on “trying” things can be time poorly spent. The same of true when it comes to costs. The right custom winning strategy will help to keep costs down.

How Do You Get That Custom Strategy?

Not every marketing company focuses as they should on a custom strategy. They can provide marketing services like marketing through social media, but they miss the mark. For example, B2B social media marketing is best done on Linkedin. About 94% of businesses use Linkedin for marketing. However, wasting time on B2B on other social media channels may not be as successful, yet some marketing companies insist on including as part of your marketing strategy, marketing on other channels like Facebook.

Inexperience is the enemy when it comes to a customized winning strategy. Making rookie mistakes can be costly for your business. The right agency will understand that your business is unique and deserves a full look before a strategy is designed.

The best digital marketing agency Fort Worth has to offer understands that to succeed they need to fully understand your audience and do the research to determine the best way to reach your target audience. The right marketing company gets to know your business goals and strategizes based on those goals.

Don’t settle for a one size fits all approach to marketing. There is an ideal strategy for your business that will help you reach your goals.

The Benefits of Utilizing Social Media Marketing

Marketing is part and parcel of any business, regardless of the size, nature, or location of a business. Small, medium, and big businesses, share one thing in common, which is the need to attract new customers to their brands. With the intense and cut-throat competition in business, it is almost impossible for a company to become a household name without marketing. Even behemoths like Coca Cola, which are already globally identified, still market their products aggressively.

Today, social media marketing is the most preferred form of marketing for many businesses across the globe. Ever since Facebook figured out a way to advertise services and goods through digital marketing, online marketing became the most popular marketing strategy for businesses worldwide.

As a result, marketing through social media became a reality, and today, every social media site has a marketing platform that has several social media marketing benefits. Facebook commands the largest marketing share as two-thirds of marketers recognize it as the most important social platform. This is per a report from the Social Media Marketing Industry. Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Websites are the other major social media platforms that you can successfully utilize for your business’ marketing strategy.

For your business digital marketing strategy to be a success, there is a lot that needs to be done. You will need to have a website design that can integrate as many social media platforms, besides doing search engine optimization and backlinking. This may be sound alien to you, and you may also not have the time to handle it effectively. Luckily, you can easily seek digital marketing services from an advertising agency near you, to tap into the numerous social media marketing benefits.

An excellent digital marketing company, will expose your business to the following social media marketing benefits

1. Helps You Reach More Customers

By actively managing and improving your social media platforms, you will, in turn, increase the social media presence of your business. This will serve to raise your brand awareness, and more people will interact with your business. Once you get people talking about your company and you start receiving inquiries via social media, it is up to you to convert them into actual clients. An advertising agency will help a company build organic traffic online, and from that point, it is upon the business owner to build on the leads generated by the traffic, and turn them into paying customers. In the modern economy, you will find most companies closing most of their sales on Facebook and Whatsapp, as more clients use social media to seek services and goods.

2. Helps a Business Build Customer-Relationship by Improving Customer Service

As more clients choose social media platforms to communicate their feelings and opinions about a company, a business can easily build rapport by responding to clients, spot-on, on the same platform. Typically, after contacting a business, customers expect a response as soon as possible, mostly within an hour. If your business builds on social media interactions and dedicates a person to cater to all social media inquiries, online customers will be impressed by the prompt customer service. This is an efficient and solid way to build brand loyalty in customers, as it has been noted that customers who receive prompt responses are most likely to buy from the business and come back again.

Improving online customer service will also attract referrals in the form of positive reviews on social media platforms. When a customer is happy and well-satisfied by the services and products of a business, he/she will easily recommend, like, share, and post positive comments on the social media profiles of your business. One positive comment may result in hundreds of new clients, and this will boost the growth of your business significantly, as word of mouth spreads, praising your services and products.

There are many more social media marketing benefits that your business can use to steer growth and command a bigger share in your industry. Given the high commitment of the maiden and sustained efforts required in digital marketing, it is advisable to seek social media marketing services from digital marketers in your area.

3 Tips For Higher Search Rankings

When you market on social media, the use of SEO is an integral part of the overall process for client response and growth. Social media sites, of course, promote one’s brand and are the platforms used most today. SEO (search engine optimization) marketing gets you noticed more quickly and listed more prominently in the ever competitive search engine rankings.

For the naysayers, consider this statistic. According to SalesForce Marketing Cloud, more than four-fifths of customers “like” or “love” when a business communicates with them via social media. Maybe you are not as SEO or social media savvy as you’d like. Don’t be discouraged. Below are important social media practices that will increase your SEO performance.

  1. Increase followers. Your search rankings are influenced, in part, by the number of social media followers you have. A company, partnership, corporation, or a mom-and-pop shop will have higher rankings with 10,000 Twitter followers, or “likes” on Facebook, than if they have 50.
    • If you are a vigilant social media user, consistent in your message and in your voice, and post helpful blogs and answer questions, you’ll grow your online presence. Direct customer engagement is a key that will gain you return customers, which will increase the likelihood of new customers.
  2. Connect with external links. Social media relies on external links, if you want to be seen as a significant online presence in Google’s or Bing’s eyes.
    • Hashtags will make gain traction with an audience and connect them with links that support or reflect your brand. This is the quickest and easiest way to connect via external links.
  3. Social media sharing. Social media sharing adds street credibility to your brand in a similar fashion as external links.
    • Encourage followers to share your content with others. It’s a numbers game. The more shares, the higher your visibility and ranking. It has a snowball effect.

These are 3 easy and effective social media tips that will increase your social media SEO. When your brand awareness increases, so do your search rankings. Keep it simple. Think followers, external links, and sharing to get your brand out to more users.

At the same time, the major search engines will rank you higher, which will give you a social media SEO advantage and even more followers and customers.

4 Tips To Help You Become A Better Content Creator

There are some tried-and-true habits you ought to adopt when you want to be a successful content creator. This is true whether you’re trying to get your company website on page one of Google or you’re passionate about giving your customers what they want.

Up to 53% of markets say that blog content creation is their number one priority. That said, here are some content-creating tips you can use to up your content game.

  1. Read news about your industry. When you’re trying to write great content, you want to be sure you’re staying relevant. And what better way to stay relevant than to follow what’s happening in your industry every day? To get in the habit of reading recent news, put everything you read in one spot.
  2. Write every day. You need to stay in practice when you want to improve your content creation. The more you write, the better you’ll get at it. Write for about 10 to 15 minutes every day. Do it even if it’s just to write down your thoughts.
  3. Do research on your industry’s audience. It’s one thing to know the audience for your company. It’s another to know the audience of your industry. Take time out of your schedule to really study the age, gender, location, family size, job title, and salary of the people in your industry. When you know who you’re writing for, you can adjust your writing accordingly to create better content.
  4. Look at other content. Writers write better when they’re big readers. This is because they’re looking at other content, taking the things they like about that content, and incorporating it into their own writing. Do this with other online content. What do you see about a competitor’s social media marketing that you love? Incorporate these good things into your own content-creating.

Where can I find SEO companies near me?

When it comes to getting digital marketing help, sometimes one of the best things you can do is outsource. Google receives over 100 billion searches every month. It’s up to you and your team to create incredible content, social media marketing, and PPC advertising to get anywhere near the first page.

Think Cre8tive is more than an SEO company. They also provide social media marketing, app design, and other marketing services to make your business as successful as possible. To learn more about our social media marketing and other services, contact Think Cre8tive today.

What Should I Expect From A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency?

When you’re looking to grow your online digital marketing, choosing an SEO firm, a social media marketing company, or a website design company can seem like an impossible challenge. There are too many phone calls, too many people to speak to, and too many sites to visit.

Luckily, a full service marketing agency can be your one-stop-shop for everything digital marketing. Here’s what to expect from your full service digital marketing agency.

Website design

Web design services are essential when you’re crafting a website that appeals to potential customers. This means that your website should load quickly, be easily navigable, and render high-quality images in order to keep people on your site for longer periods of time. Though software design and development doesn’t seem like the most important part of your business, the quality of your web design could make or break a sale.

After all, your website is often the first thing that customers will notice about your company. It’s an essential part of your branding and strategy as a business and should never be overlooked.

Search engine optimization

Using an organic SEO marketing strategy is the best way to garner customers looking for your business. Your full service marketing agency will utilize onsite SEO, including blogs and keyword optimization, in conjunction with offsite SEO strategies, like backlinking, in order to build organic traffic. A reliable marketing company will only utilize white hat SEO tactics to comply with search engine standards od use.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing has become one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. Your full service digital marketing agency will help you craft a social media marketing plan to connect with customers who already utilize your services and reach out to new customers who are looking for a business like yours. In fact, 64% of consumers claim that they made a purchase after watching a marketing video posted to Facebook in 2017. This is just one of the many ways your digital marketing company can help form a great marketing strategy.

When you want the best from a full service marketing agency, rely on the team you can trust: at Think Cre8tive, we’ll help your business grow.

Marketing 101: A Guide To Organics

When we talk about organic marketing, we’re not referring to the fruit aisle of the grocery store. Organic marketing is the best way to increase the levels of online traffic your website receives. Unfortunately, few businesses know how to effectively use organic marketing in their digital marketing strategy.

That being said, here’s everything you need to know about organic marketing in order to improve your search engine optimization and raise traffic to your website.


What is it?

Organic marketing is wide-reaching, but it refers to building web traffic to your site through natural methods over time. This differs from paid links or featured posts along with other paid marketing tactics.

Organic marketing encompasses a few different factors of online marketing: search engine optimization (SEO), backlinking, and social media use. These strategies allow your consumers to find your website naturally without influence from paid marketing schemes or other advertisements. It’s estimated that around 70% of links that people click on through a search engine are organic.


Why use organic marketing?

Compared to paid marketing, organic marketing has a higher lead-to-close rate. This means that many of the people who sign with your company choose to do so because they discovered you organically, not through paid marketing options. This is likely because your organic marketing strategies directly target consumers and businesses that need your products. When a user searches for “mobile app design,” your use of this keyword in blogs and backlinks will get you higher rankings on Google and other search engines. Because they need your product, they’ll want to work with you from the start.

Organic marketing is also essential when it comes to improving your site’s domain rating and trustworthiness. By establishing organic relationships with other, qualified, trustworthy websites, your own site will flourish, in turn. When you create great content on your site through informative, relevant blogs and news articles, you’re also more likely to become a source of information in your industry.

Organic marketing also seems more authentic than paid advertising. Of course, it takes both in order to run a proper business, but those you gain through organic advertising is vital. When you want to improve your website’s online marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to Think Cre8tive today.

You Don’t Have to Propose to Engage Customers: Social Media Outreach 101

website designWhile having a great website design is key to creating an accessible platform for your customers, utilizing online marketing tools through social media is the best way to reach new clients across the globe. Here are the pillars of social media outreach and how social media use can benefit your business.

You get the customers engaged

Starting a Facebook page or a Twitter page for your business is key to making the consumer feel like they matter. And they do: without the customer, your business would assuredly flounder. It’s important to give back to those customers through social media engagement. According to studies by SalesForce Marketing Cloud, 83% of consumers like — or even love — when a business replies to their posts on social media.

Interacting with customers not only makes the consumer feel heard, it also projects a strong image to other clientele. If you get a good reputation for responding to your consumers through social media, you might even get a share or two when you solve a problem or offer helpful information. Take it from Wendy’s: their Twitter posts are shared across the globe.

Make sure your data is correct

There’s nothing worse than posting incorrect information on your social media. If your company is holding a promotion event, you want to triple-check those facts and ensure you’re not lying to the consumer. Try creating a fun event page. Including prizes or customer recognition is a great way to drum up excitement about your business.

Know when to post

Posting at 4 a.m. won’t be effective unless you’re trying to reach customers in Australia. Most businesses target local clientele, so analyzing high volumes of internet traffic on certain websites in your hometown will work in your favor.

Knowing your brand is another key facet of knowing when to post. Most food blogs will post on Fridays since people are looking for good eats over the weekend. For business news, posting on a Monday or Wednesday will work better than a Friday.

Understanding the ins and outs of social media marketing is an important factor in gaining higher volumes of internet traffic. If you want to improve your online presence, consider hiring a website design service that can help you form a social media marketing plan. Your followers will thank you.

Got a Mind for Marketing? Not Without These 3 Summer Social Media Techniques

seoEach season seems to bring new trends that leave your digital marketing company gasping for breath. The digital marketing world is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up with the times. If you have already mastered the world of SEO, here are some of the latest social media techniques you can use to market your brand this summer.

What do you meme?
The new generation is obsessed with memes, and summer is the perfect time to employ this lighthearted marketing asset. By blending your company’s ideas and events with memes everyone recognizes, you’re bound to reach a larger audience that wants to have fun in the summer sun.

Of course, memes are nothing new in the marketing world. However, two things have changed: Internet speeds are getting faster, and more and more consumers access the web through their smartphones. To speak directly to these users…

Seal it with a GIF
Millennials and Gen Z consumers use a lot of GIFs and emojis whenever they text or email. Even niche companies have adopted different ways to allow their users to express themselves through GIFs. Standing for “Graphic Interchange Format,” GIFs are basically looping videos, often without sound.

By speaking fluent GIF, you’re able to appeal to a larger, younger demographic. While including these on your webpage might not be the right move, utilizing them in your digital marketing on social media is a great way to trigger interest and get your post noticed. When nearly 72% of adults on the Internet use Facebook, this approach can reach a highly connected audience.

Local events and trends
Take pride in where you come from! When your consumers see you taking an interest in the wellbeing of the community, they’re bound to flock to your business. Summer is the perfect time to host outdoor events and take advantage of the festivals, parties, and holidays the season has to offer. Even though major trends come and go throughout the country, tapping into your community’s current events and trends will get the local public engaged. If your city or town hosts an annual festival, see if you can partner with any local businesses or host a booth.

Advertising your events on social media is key. Use link building and SEO content marketing to cover current events and drum up excitement for future ventures. As the even approaches, don’t hesitate to respond to consumers over social media — people love it when you answer their questions.

Follow these trends this summer to create an SEO marketing campaign that works for you. If you ever have trouble, contacting your local marketing agency can help put you on the right path.